Computational Modeling and Software Development


About Us

  • CompX is a consulting group comprised of a project director and several physicists who focus on computational modeling of the auxiliary heating of magnetic confinement, fusion energy and plasma devices. We are engaged in long term development and upgrading of computer modeling codes which give phase-space distributions of electrons and ions resulting from rf wave and plasma sources in toroidal magnetic confinement devices. These comprehensive physics-based models have proven useful for interpretation and projection of plasma heating, current drive, and particle source experiments in tokamak, spherical tokamak and reverse field pinch plasmas.
  • Our goal is to contribute to harnessing fusion energy, the energy driving the sun, as an economically viable power source for humankind.
  • The codes are open source. We provide support for their use, under contracts from the USDOE Fusion Energy Science Program, universities and industry.
  • On the sidebar, you can find information on our major codes: brief descriptions, code manuals, and output from test cases illustrating code functionality.
  • Please contact us for more information.